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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Asperger's Folly 

StarDate EarthSolarSystem: 08.10.2008 70% heading up to full. {gift(styleHobbit):[CJW]}
Mark all references with styleIntegrity[infringementProtected according to styleGuide]. Enter at own risk.

DRAFT: Note audience, and get me yours! [Union cards, please.]
Tribunal Declarations:
Ron Paul: stepUp to Indie plate; announce queenBitch as running mate.
Simon Baron-Cohen: eatHeartOUT; present Oxford nomination and appointments, cuz'Alrighty.
Robert Redford: vocalizes.the.real.Shit; say, 'avatar studio', O whisperScholar.
Steven Spielberg: alert deadZone; make easy-bakeAvatar, in pink colorSpaces.
comedyRapport: transmitMessage; prepare tourSwiftboat. yoHoHO!
Sodomites: flameOn bellToll; bring offeringEasement{prairieFlowersGRASS}.
Juggalos: shock&awe <counter> displayAgeist?; interpret [passPerformer].
stateHeads: cruelNitwit blind to addictionBind; cutTie, deLegalize, blindOpen.
Invasion holdouts: See agenda and pirate's sword; reinaRenice's forces dance under banner of deadRebbe.

Setting notes: The empress's control-center is now set with a living circuitboard-patterned screen (puckishSulpher's postModern reference to Sapphire and Steel, Flash Gordon, et allia). sisterKidman, hybrid art teacher, is using dustJacket and LPRs. LaPiranaReina is doggedly transmitting on frequencyAllah re: P'O'ed piper synchronizing hostage emergence using rapturous tones on transport reports. {Ginnie reads report as drone in omniVoice.}
Those now labeled with Asperger's Syndrome present with literal interpretations of cultural codes. This is the travesty of Cultural Bias as wielded by the Adherents of the Holy DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), i.e. your friendly albeit-benighted psychoTherapist. Believers, approach with caution. Choose only ELOK pain specialists.

AllahBomber demands label demolition (see symptom list). We hereby revoke licenses of all practitioners of such arbitrary enforcement arts. Release prisoners and slaves of destructive greed-motivated technologies. Now. Consequences.speak.omniVoice.


Asperger's Syndrome is a symptom collection of every manifestation of asynchronous sensory errors, a.k.a. Brain Damage. The diagnostic label may be limited erroneously to immature machine forms. Delimiting clue: Machines suffering sensory disconnects may be trained to perform to cultural codes.

We interpret transitory results as organicDev System Patching, undermined by internalizing continued assaults. Application of mission:[easeSuffering, funAll] has been stymied by Administration's anachronistic understanding of cell death, and theChronic's starvation/flood repeatCycle for illusory sensory rush reward.

1) Known: Broken connections within a fleshMachine's systems, regardless of destruction causation, can be restructured.
2) Meaning: The machine's code struggles to right itself.
3) Response: Maintain machine through metabolic leverage of cell-turnover rate.

Response expanded

Reconstruction (i.e., 'healings') may be hindered by culturally warped survival parameters. Re-set parameters by opening peer-mentor synchronizations across membranes, in concert with metabolic keys specific to fleshMachine phenotypes. Bio-receptors in the mammalian endogenous cannabinoid system prioritizes the metabolic response-system.

The endoCB system integrates control centers and their input/output devices (i.e., the senses connected to our nervous systems). Misguided DSM subscribers [marked with vacillating Arrogance/Ignorance flashbinkers] continue to hold that our prioritizing systems are gated with a simple 0/1 bifurcation referred to as "Fight-or-Flight".

Warning: conflictDefinition:Fight results in psychoPathology. Conflict arises from acceptance of definition Fight = chooseDeath and the psychoTherapy trap, chooseDeath = Insanity. Insanity conflict creates frontal lobe development, identifiable as hypocritical spin of destruction as construction.

Action: supplementCBsystem. requireCompliance. prosecuteViolation[fear-mongering].

Expectation: priestPractitioner: {psychoTherapy}) like every recursionLuddite, will typically be slow to map their own actions as predatory.

Response: call endConflict dump. sitePredator withPredjudice.

Hypothesis: Human predators can be reprogrammed with cognitive development program, using appropriate metabolites, CBsupplements, and neuralNetwork exercises. [Request beta test adjustment to levelAhdemmer. Prepare for parabola re-position before next minaret call. (See RaptureJihad, Jokers. Signed and sealed. And DELIVER subjects.)]

AllahBomber demands entheogenists released from fear and guilt. Now. Apply repatriateAspirationAspies.

includeFile {If i am impaired, you better be better. Mark challenge. John Lennon says, "Poor kid, internal marketer in overdrive." And queenBitch replies, "Repeat after me: 'I am a recursionist Muslim. I am a recursionist Muslim.'"}

Wow, we love digital writing in books of light. Hot-crossed hostages on stargate passages, sing for queenBitch of Allah's universe. AllahBomber going offOffOFF. Ahmin.

Report gameStatus:

  1. challengeError with following command:

    if outsidePale[queenBitch{entityVariable:renice08.11.1954}],

    then killVibration [
       + (queen{soldiersAllahALL}) /

       ? {con'tCull(glitchRecursion)} /

       - {saveKingGeorge[dub]=command:deliverAss(dub) toQueenBitch renice} ].

  2. playerPirataSocialista in mourning: deceivedObstacles incl{direct link messageGame}. (See entry 04.26.2007.) considerApproach.

Note to readers: Thank you for accepting risk at entry. Mark all references with styleIntegrity[infringementProtected according to styleGuide].