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Thursday, February 12, 2004

I'm Just Crazy About You 

A few minutes ago, I saw an advertisement for Fatal Attraction on Bravo – they're calling it "the ultimate Valentine romance". And you thought I was negative about relationships.

Actually, I like the idea of a woman who is clear about the emotional value she attaches to intimacy. Women like Glen Close's character in Fatal Attraction or Cameron Diaz's character in Vanilla Sky might take it too far (ya think?), but let's face it, sex makes us crazy. Even Vulcans get The Seven-Year Itch.

We get so crazy that the most powerful cautionary tales have no effect. And warnings are a complete waste of time. I once told a guy – some time after he'd pledged undying love – that if it ended badly, he would regret it. He smiled understandingly (maybe it was 'patronizingly'?), and then he proceeded to end it very badly. So, I went a little crazy. Maybe not Vanilla Sky or Fatal Attraction crazy, but it seemed pretty damn close to the average Midwesterner.

You might argue that he couldn't help himself because, being male, he is programmed to 'get some', even to the point of being a little crazy. It strikes me that men seem to be besides themselves before getting it, while women seem to be besides themselves after having gotten it.

Major incompatibility, that.

Countdown:   T W O . . .


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