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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

It Doesn't Take Much... 

Small excitement: Yesterday I bought a used glass grinder for my fledgling forays into stained glass design. In a beginners' class, I completed a star suncatcher using colors that would work in my office. I'm not a huge fan of the color purple, but since it's the color that makes sense with the room's odd industrial carpet, I've offset the purple in the room by using reds and golds and, of course, black (always black!). (This is sort of a mix of analogous and complementary color schemes, but it doesn't follow the 'rules' enough to show up in the cute color picker app that Iffy found.)

I've started a 2nd project to go in a strange little window that looks into a coat closet from my house's front porch (what were they thinking?). The illogic of that window has always bothered me – I'll be happier with the entry once I install a colorful privacy glass panel, especially after I've set up a timer to light the window from the inside.

My first project now hangs in my office window.