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Monday, April 19, 2004


While I was living in Manhattan, my daughter the-art-school-student introduced me to NYC sticker tagging culture. I tried not to be too much of a mom, but I honestly didn't get it. It seemed to me that time and energy spent on propagating personal tags that don't really say anything beyond, "I was here," could be better spent disseminating a message. (Ok, my current job title is Communications Manager, right.)

During a visit to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, one of my very favorite museums, I noticed a sheet of sticker tags in one of the displays. They were anti-Nazi messages printed maybe 25-30 up on pre-glued stamp paper. According to the display's legend, the stickers were small enough that they could be posted surreptitiously, and were frequently used inside passenger trains.

With some excitement, I told my daughter about the find. Within a few days she had designed some great sticker tags based on The Complete Bushisms – Slate.com's compilation of actual Dubya quotations (scroll down Slate's page to find the most recent additions to the list). So we did a bit of tagging before the last election – though clearly not enough.

Now there's only 28 weeks before the next election, so go.... Print. Cut. Tag.


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