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Friday, May 21, 2004

Planning a Short Stay on the Padded and Flounced Island 

CCSP Spring 2004 is over; I have a minute to write again. I expect to have more time to write during the next 3 days.

I'm undergoing the knife scope and blade this morning. It's considered "minor" surgery but I'll be under general anesthesia and that always makes me a little nervous. It didn't help that the anesthesiologist told me about a patient he'd had who'd forgotten to mention that he'd had whiplash at some point. Apparently they mishandled the patient's neck while he was under and he awoke with "diminished function". Geez, that was comforting: I've had whiplash 4 times.

Nevertheless, the surgeon considers uterine perforation the greater risk (I was much relieved when she told me they would be leaving everything in place). I wish they understood that I have no fear of death, only of pain and diminished function. I read my chart recently and was considerably peeved with an orthopedic surgeon's notes regarding my "teary" concern over his prognosis: "perhaps her primary care physician can console her that the condition is not life threatening". Dolt. Had he told me my condition was terminal and I had x weeks to live, my eyes would have been dry.

At any rate, the beasties are acting like I'm leaving for a trip. Tonka's being clingy, Sophie's more territorial than usual, and Nora braved the bedroom door this morning despite Sophie's hunched-down ears-back intimidation tactics. It always amazes me how attuned 4-legged companions can be to their humans.


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