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Monday, July 26, 2004

"Enhancing the Experience of Aging"? 

Iffy jokes about being 50 today – in ebay responses, not years.

When I came home from an echocardiogram this afternoon (I absolutely hate it when the technicians get suddenly skittish and tremulously tell me my doctor will have the results "first thing tomorrow morning"), I found an invitation to join AARP waiting for me in my mailbox – I qualify for membership in 16 days....Merde!

Update 7/27/04 7:35am: After linking above to AARP's site, I browsed around it and couldn't find the acronym explained anywhere. That's just the kind of thing that drives a web editor crazy, so I wrote them: "Does your website say *anywhere* what AARP stands for?"

I got this answer:
Thank you for contacting AARP to ask us about our acronym.

Originally, AARP was the acronym for the "American Association of Retired Persons." Because the initials became so recognizable and familiar to so many people over the years, the Board of Directors made the decision in November 1998 to change our name to simply "AARP." This decision was made as part of our efforts to position the Association as the leading organization serving the needs and interests of people 50 and older and to reflect the diversity of the membership.
Merdeux merde!!


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