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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Why I Go Where I Go 

I'm hanging out with a laptop at Caffe Paradiso while I'm waiting for my Alexander Technique lesson. I like Paradiso: free WiFi, extension cords, airy space, decent soy mochas, large sparkling San Pellegrinos, and great funky decor in the women's room. I can't think of anything else I want from a coffee shop.

And yeah, women's room decor counts. When I lived in Manhattan, I kept a mental map of places that were ok and then I'd plan my excursions around them. I think most New Yorkers have lists of public restrooms around the city. For me, Banana Republics were always a safe bet – I wonder if they know how often their bathrooms are the impetus for clothing purchases. I know I have some friends who will be disappointed that I patronize the chain, but the truth is... sometimes, style trumps politics.


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