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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bloggin' Mo' 

Eeek. It's been a while. Faraway friends have been emailing me to find out if I'm still rolling my stone up the hill. I am. And eventually I'll get back to the La Secretaria story I promised, uh, months ago.

Ironically (since I haven't actually been blogging), I talked briefly about blogging at the UIUC Webmasters Forum yesterday – I joined Joe Grohens and Jack Brighton for Blogs, Wikis, and RSS Feeds.

We had a lot to cover, and unfortunately I didn't get to the thing I'm most buzzed about this week: moblogging. While setting up a practice demo at blogger.com, I discovered that I can post photos from my camera phone to a free blogger.com blog using the mail-to-blogger address found under "Email" in Settings. Posting the photo on my practice demo took seconds, literally. I added the title and text later. Hmmm... I'm going to have to add a column here just for phone photos!

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