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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Photoshop Fun 

UPDATE 4 Dec 2006: Michael's kitchen after-photos

Last Saturday night, while my dearheart and his buddies watched Schaumberg strippers doing unspeakable things to each other on stage (grrrr), I enjoyed perfectly seasoned pork tenderloin, grilled asparagus and red peppers, a nicely matched pinot noir, and, of course, delightful company.

Among other things, Boudreau, Dave-the-Pharmacist, and I discussed painting schemes for Michael's kitchen. It can be so hard to imagine what paint colors will look like in a room, so I volunteered to 'paint' a photo of the room.

It was a fun exercise, even though the layer masks I created for each wall probably took as much time as tape-masking the actual walls!

The Behr color swatches that Michael's considering, and their color scheme recommendations for Turtle dove:

The layers palette with masks (1), which were created from vector paths (2):

Now Michael can change paint colors by filling a layer, or go back to white by turning off a layer.

The original photo with white walls:

Voilà – a couple of key commands yield different paint plans:

1. accented counter

2. counter & back

3. accented back

4. counter & side

5. side & back

6. white brackets?

7. Behr recommends

8. Renice's oat & red

9. Go Illini :)

I can hardly wait to see what Michael decides, and how close the 'after' photo will be to its corresponding simulation.

UPDATE: Michael painted his kitchen months ago (he's not a procrastinator like me). He liked the colors in the Number 8 simulation and the effect of the Number 5 simulation, and sent me the after photo below on the left. He used Behr's Red Red Wine and Hazelnut Cream, and so I tried sampling Behr's online representation of those 2 paint colors to repaint the simulation. As you can see on the right, it doesn't work very well – just in case we needed more proof that on-line colors don't match real-world colors very well.

After photo of Michael's painted kitchen.

Simulation by eye.

Simulation sampling Behr's on-line simulated paint colors.

Behr's on-line simulated paint colors.


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