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Thursday, April 26, 2007

4 of Four 

Sorry, didn't mean to leave you... you know. I've been experimenting with... twitter.com {thanks:iffy}. It's great when I'm feeling a little 'out of sync'.

Answers from the last exercise:
  1. [believers | seekers]
  2. {math-types | art-types}
  3. (science-types | religious-types)

If necessary(?), re-adjust your picture of the main character, Ginnie from [Excerpt 1]: She's a neophyte birdlike creature with herding instincts. Setting notes:
Ginnie's tank is a group of disparate schools. (Oh, the atmosphere is thick enough to flym in, by the time of this imagined future.) During her free time, she broadcasts music, videos, and images from her memories and thoughts over an underground channel that her friends monitor while their bodies are at work. In her 'honor', they call the channel "BreadCrumbs".


Right. That's one way to read it.

But if you think like I do, you might recognize twitter.com/renice as an edited-on-the-fly transcript of the way I think, as well as the way I learn (play in reverse).

Interwoven are stories I want to tell in the fiction and non-fiction I'm writing or planning, snatches of [images], "cartoon captions", and (so-called <-- says the whispering translator) {comic-relief}, [a dancer], There'sAlsoAdrummerWhoPopsIn, and 'ALovelySinger' (we wish). Unfortunately, a few people share/d voices.
(<--and that was a game piece. The basic piece = [+/?/-]. It signifies a trifurcated choice in meaning; if you choose a meaning that sounds a wrong note, ask yourself why, then find a meaning that only makes fun of you or us.)

If you read more than a panel or two, imagine that there are multiple story lines weaving maypole-like around a cylinder moving forward through time. {hattip:ScottMcCloud}

Welcome to my inner life: BreadCrumbs (to Mittelschmerz)

[If anything resonates, let's talk about collaboration. If you recognize your voice, imagine the far more positive future I'm seeing for us. In fact, read my little experiment in reflexiveReflection as An Ode to A Karmic Heaven, because I believe in both.]

More rules for another embedded game, later. For the game:linkAsync, choose [metaphor:adoptedLanguage]. And, as with all 'exercises', you only have to imagine doing this, but... well... here are the rules:
  • The final communication link must be in person, face to face.
  • Tell last indirect link messageGame to pass on.
  • The messages are [in your own words] (and make sure it's written down):
    1. Tell my mother {Virginia, Va} you saw my danceLove for her online (yes, we are out of sync).
    2. Tell the oldMan: [captionCartoon you think most appropriate for the New Yorker magazine].
    3. Tell kidOne I'm glad she's laughing.
And if you wonder what I'm doing, I just wrote my book-writing process + plot elements in a coded shorthand as a memory exercise: I'm embedding clues for the future (and anyone else who's interested). If you think like I do: I've also made a map of cultural wave markers, and while I was at it, I figured out how to take advantage of my mental input/output lags so I actually enjoy working (sorry cubeKids: imagine me dancing, literally, while I work).

However, you should also know that I'm looking at my twitter experiment as an illustration of a belief system, and how synchronization of our species might actually work. And if you see it the same way I do, you'll see an illustration of interwoven loops:
  • BreadCrumbs, [chooseMetaphor:soulMate], (and by the way don't shoot the illustrator :>).

(Directions: Re-read 4-part Intro until noFTWwtf, because I'm pretty sure I'm not the smartest one here. However, if I'm still not making sense, there is more to come [allegedly].)
Next: Levels and Layers ([72%full])


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